What is Real Confidence?

What is Confidence

Confidence they say is key to succeeding, one of the keys, but what does that mean?  Let’s start with the first and second one because we need to maybe go a bit deep into them.  

Approval, it’s something we want, need to an extent, and growing up being very intuitive, having dreams about events before they happened, my being naturally conservative and really passionate about my views made me kind of the outsider, even with my family I felt.  Because of that I then sought to be a business owner, success etc.., subconsciously, though I knew that was not my calling.  Yet, I wanted to have approval, but now I realize that I really didn’t have confidence, but rather bravado.  Now, I am forging the path I feel is my path, that of artist and coach, somehow inspiring and more with the music, it being part of coaching, ministering in a sense.  I also now no longer seek approval and belonging at the expense of my faith, it’s core Christian beliefs and teachings on moral and social issues.  Part of approval also means that you have clearly defined beliefs, goals etc.. and you are not seeking validation constantly because they have been formed from spiritual discernment, life experiences and study, research.  It is nice to have your work etc.. validated by others, sure, but if that is how you define your work etc.., and the only way, then check the confidence meter, might need a boost.  

A smile can win the day if it’s sincere.  If the smile is an artificial one, one that says it’s all good and I’m fooling even myself, or I can’t let anyone see my pain, can’t rely on anyone, well.. If it’s that kind of smile, then it’s not a smile it’s a paste on face.  Sooner or later you end up resenting play a part and others will see right through and they may not see pain behind the mask.  They may see arrogance and other negative things.  When you feel like smiling, smile, light up the world, but if you are in no space of heart, mind, soul to smile, then don’t.  Let people know, today I’m just not in a smiling mood, I might be some other day, but not today, and I need you to be okay with that.  I have tried to pretty much smile, write and prayed my way through life, pain, publicly I have tried, even with family to pretend it’s all good, I’m an invincible warrior.  I now realize I need to stop trying to be invincible and when I don’t feel like smiling, just let people know, not a smiling day.  That’s fine, and if it’s not fine for them, not my problem.  The problem would be if I stayed not smiling mode, then there would definitely be a problem.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen