What Is Fear?

What is fear? The answer to that question depends on who you ask. Humans have a way of being very different from each other in this area. Generally, fear is about not wanting tools control, anxiety that we will lose control.  What we are afraid of varies. You may be terrified to try something new while others get very excited over the possibilities and the unknown. You may be fearful about speaking in public while other people thrive on the attention and that fact that they have the ability to captivate an audience in the process.

Some people are afraid of  dark, clowns, or mice. Others are afraid of concepts such as death and the fear that they will end up alone. Whatever causes the fear it will evoke a  very powerful response, and can be very emotional also. It can be even harder when your parents or your family don’t understand your fear.

Children  get into trouble for telling their parents about their fears. They’re dismissed and basically told to get over it. Fear isnít something a person can just get over though. It can have a very deep connection with who they are and control many aspects of their life. Those that donít understand the fear of those around them may not have the patience to accept it or to try to encourage them to move forward.

Fear can be very short term or very long lasting. For example a young girl with braces might have the fear of smiling, but she moves past this. Other types of fear though such as dying may consume a person and they can’t get over that fear. Counseling may be necessary in order to help the person identify that source of the fear.

It takes a great deal of courage though to really find out the  root of fear. Sometimes it is something easily resolved and other times it isn’t. Yet if the fear is consuming you then you need to do something about it. Life is too short to walk around being afraid all of the time. Fear can sometimes give us the motivation though that we need to take some type of positive action.