What Is My Value?

The Journey That is Life.

That is a question that perhaps in life at different times we have all wondered, especially when society tells you that the only way you have value or can be valued by others is through what you posses materially.  At different intervals I bought into it in my life.  

However. I no longer look at my value or the value of a person based on what they have, whether they have a degree, a piece of paper to say they are wise, because it does mean they are wise, or of good character, it just means they know how to memorize, take tests, all that.  I know that I am currently not wealthy in any great measure financially, working towards getting off SSDI, which was a necessity due to the Fibromaylgia, chronic fatigue etc…and I don’t have any fancy degree, I do have a B.A. some undergraduate work under my belt and other independent studies I have done.  I have retirement investment, IRA, that kind of thing, but I do have to pay my credit card debt.  In material terms, I am not wealthy, and someone who is so insecure, has a poverty, lack mentality would not perhaps even consider dating me or having a relationship with me.  If that were the case then they would fail to see me, the value I do bring to the table.  What is that I bring of value?

I bring me, myself and I.  I bring a person of strong intuition, and related gifts, as well as someone with artistic gifts, and who speaks etc..from and with the heart, including tough love as necessary.  I bring love, faithfulness, wisdom, things you can’t really hold in the palm of your hand, but that should be valued a great deal more than any material anything I might bring to the table.  I don’t want to be with someone who can’t value who I am as a person above all, make that the focus of why he is with me, not what I have materially, but who I am, how I have grown, still retained the core of me.   The person who truly has wisdom will see the value of union with me and our being a team in every way.  If they can not see that, then best I move on to someone who can and pray that this type of person come into my life immediately.  What I bring that is not money all that jazz has far greater value to happiness long term and joy than anything else.  

When you are contemplating a partnership in life of any kind, make sure that you value them and they value you not for the material things you bring to the table, but for the person you are, have grown personally, spiritually to become and the potential of the union itself to create an amazing life, prosperity together either directly as a team, or by virtue of loving, encouraging and inspiring each other each day. loyally and faithfully.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen