What is Spirituality?

Spirituality differs from organized religion and sects, though it can become also rigid, can end up falling into that hole.  Religion is often very much about ritual, rigid dogmas, not to say we don’t need clear guidance and clear moral boundaries, we do.  One of the things I will be talking about later on are the spiritual universal laws and applying them to life.  For today, let’s look at what spirituality is.  It’s a process, a journey of self discovery as a sacred being, creation, one with limitless potential, and in Kabbalah as tough, a creator by giving and receiving as the Creator does.  It’s about the discovery of the true self, and unmasking the fake self, one we might even use as a shield to not face the truths of the moment, even about ourselves so we can become who we are meant to be, who we truly yearn to be in our hearts.  It’s a journey that will the proper tools can help us discern all this and be able to be living not in the past and future all the time, thus in a state of anxiety, but in the what is, what is in the here and now, work with that, so that we can have a great future.  That may mean making changes in the here and now, leaving things behind, letting go of some things and embracing embracing others. It’s about oneness with all you are feeling, experiencing and being able to accept it in the moment, feel it, not necessarily act on it, but be with what is going on here and now, let that guide you as to what you can do constructively to shift things to a more positive scenario, outcome.  There is a sense of wanting to find purpose, purpose of direction, of life etc.., but it is found through acceptance.  I can have my views about stuff, and have thought them out quite thoroughly, feel strongly about them, and as long as I know they are my perception, conclusions, even with having studied, meditated over sacred texts let’s say,  I can embrace that, so long as I don’t act on them in a way that disconnects me from my divine self, from that part of me that has empathy etc.. Again, and as I pointed out in the last post, my viewpoint on what constitutes appropriate action based on that empathy etc.. may differ than another person’s.  We may both with empathy, compassion for the plight of another agree that there is a problem, but we may not agree on the solution for that problem.  Part of the spiritual journey and it may not come too easily for some of us, is to be able to say “okay, I get where you are coming from, I don’t agree, think that detrimental, from my perspective idiotic, but I understand where you are coming from and why you feel as you do”  Does that mean we end up agreeing, or I have changed my view? No, but that understanding of oneness means I try to connect to where they are coming from and in doing that I grow in my spirituality. I have to confess, I am still working on this, not something I myself find easy to do, as I have a very strong personality and from views, thought out, meditated on, but firm.  There is an embrace of a Creator, Higher Power, Source that is not only external force, but also lives fully in you if you will connect to that.  As for rituals, there can be daily moments of reflection, meditation, yoga, prayer, even listening to some classical music pieces and just allowing yourself to feel and freeform let yourself be in the moment, just letting go can be a spiritual experience and maybe even spark something, an idea, a realization. As with anything, the ritual can become the God, and one can become a slave to it and rather than the journey and self discovery be the goal, the ritual becomes the goal, the God, and the obsession.  One has to be careful not to have that happen, let the rituals, daily or almost daily spiritual rituals come naturally, flow naturally.  I personally do listen to recorded meditation at night when I go to bed on my mini digital recorded and in the morning before I get out of bed.  It relaxes me, helpful, but if for a night or a morning I skip it, no biggie.  When it’s summer, I like going to the parks and places in my zone where I can just contemplate, listen to meditation music and contemplate, maybe write a poem, song or two.  Spirituality can be a solitary experience, but also if a group of people come together, meditate, pray and do yoga periodically, chat online regularly, thats cool to.  I hope this helps in your spiritual journey.  This week it’s all about spirituality, and I will be posting a meditation in connection to our theme, so stay tuned for that.

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