What It Came Down TO

Christ Prophocies fulfilled.jpg

I am moving forward with Yehsua Group, even hope to volunteer , be a part of Holy Language Academy.  Ministry has always been my central calling, since my teen years.  I had to ask myself a lot of questions and I had to go through a rough journey internally, but it was necessary.  What questions did I have to ask: 

  1. Is scripture true
  2. Is God truthful and faithful to this word?
  3. Was Yeshua truthful in saying He was the Temple that would be raised up in three days etc..?
  4. What of the Apostles, what of them, and the said testimonies, that over 500 saw him resurrected?
  5. Where is it said that any of the apostles sought to relinquish their Jewish identity in the early church of Yeshua?
  6. If the early church had no intention of shedding their Jewish identity, if that was never a commandment given by Yeshua, then why are we not adhering to the faith of Yeshua?
  7. Why are we not in context of Messiah, the fulfilled prophecies not honoring our Jewish heritage and faith? 
  8. How could I use my my skills as a Holistic Practitioner and NLP training to help others and incorporate the spirituality that is so important to me in my work?

I had to go through all of these questions and as I did and asked God to help me with these answers and guide me to the right people, community, mentors etc.., I was contacted on twitter by Yeshua Groups  God led me also to take a Udemy course online in NLP and the instructor has an online group for students to be part of.  Now a number of us are creating a community to work together to network, support and mentor each other, see how we can work to bring healing to people in a way that reaches those who need it, perhaps veterans, those on fixed incomes, we will see as we work it all out, but it will be a blessing to us and others I am sure.  We want to earn a living, but also give back to society, and feed the soul.  As I sought the Lord, clarified that We are Jewish if we are with Yeshua, accepting his as the Christ the Messiah Promised in the Pentateuch, and so I have been led to where I can truly be part of that and also led to where I can be in a community of healers who seek to make a difference.  I look forward to a beautiful journey of hope and healing, of deep faith, and much more.

Shalom and Amen