What Kind of Spark?

Soulmate Is.jpg

I have thought about this spark thing and what kind of spark makes for life partnership?  Is a life partner spark that one that kind that of someone who makes you jump out of your skin, someone with whom you have everything in common with?  Hmm, well, I think it’s a very personal thing, what may be sparkline to me, may not be sparkline to someone else.  If there is someone with whom there are things in common, but also things not in common so that we learn from each other, we open new doors to each other that’s a great connection.  Also great is a connection that is very comfortable, very sweet, warm, we can easily connect, talk to each other, pretty much from the beginning,  It’s someone that for me I would have been comfortable with from day one, challenges me to be a better me, to explore my dreams, gifts, talents, even if they never said a word to me,  Though there might be differences on some things, the key points we are on the same page, at least in principle, even if not on the mechanism of how to achieve it, not right away.  It’s a relationship where though we are one, we also have clear separate identities and also have separate activities, we are not glued at the hip, though we do share a lot of activities and stuff.  We are also very supportive of each other’s goals and dreams, finding a way to align them with our life together somehow in a way that is always good for the relationship.   That’s the core of what I see as a soulmate relationship.  What about the spark, the fire and all that?  Depends on what you mean by that.  The spark could be spark in terms of something where every time you see the person your heart jumps, you et all shaky and wooo hoooo, kind of thing.  Spark could also be where every time you see them, you get all warm and fuzzy inside and feel really glad to see them, want to give them the biggest bear hug every and just be in their arms all day and all night.  Spark can mean different things for different relationships at different stages of life and depending on the people involved.  It’s a companion, a friend, a stable and secure relationship one you can lean on, trust and depend on to help you through life. There’s a mutual feeling of love and respect and a sense of being in sync with each others needs and wants.   It may be that we find this union early on in life or it may be we are meant to find it much later in life.  Once you do find each other, pray that the Lord finds a way to unite you that is beautiful and sacred.   Doesn’t mean you won’t have disagreements, but if you are “the one” for each other you will navigate the storms pretty easily and without causing damage to the other, or to the relationship and will gowo in love even more over time.

Shalom and Amen