What Life Is Teaching Me

Inspiration Peace and Love

I mailed in my application to join synagogue today and I also attended services, and what was offered after service, which included a presentation by a very bright young lady, daughter of one of the synagogue members.  I even met a female Rabbi who works with Town and Village Synagogue, does some great work with them regularly.  

As I study Kabbalah, and interact more with my Hadassah family, my synagogue family to be, which though a Conservative synagogue is not legalistic and fanatic, but a place of open heart and soul, I realize more and more who I am.  Granted I have clear ideas about basic precepts of life and marriage, all of that, but I also realize that in my heart of heart I believe that it is only when We The People, telling government to screw itself, working together, knowing each other, finding common ground can change things for the better.  I also realize that we can not use the words Palestine or Palestinian, no one can or should use that word if there is to be peace, for that is a falsehood, a lie.  You can not have peace and solutions built on a lie.  As I realized all this about the world conflicts, I realized it also applied to me, and life in general.  I thought back to a particular relationship that had been quite painful, though it did have solid moments of joy, and I realized I was not allowing my authentic self to come through, could not because in a sense it was build on a falsehood, on a dishonest foundation.  There was no way to know each other, not really, and I had not made my necessary journey, full circle home to where I am, so the foundation was not one of truth, of authentic self etc… for the relationship at that time to move forward, to be healthy, thrive.  That would have been true of any relationship at that time.  I also realize though it irked and still does irk me greatly that they would as a Jew throw Israel under the bus, reject Zionism, the right of Israel to exist, to self governance, of the Jewish People to their homeland, and side with those who seek to destroy it, and though their liberal progressive “green” leaning is “Oy!!!!”, it was and would be still today  imperative to respect their right to feel and think that way, no matter how despicable and in error I feel it to be.  Doesn’t mean I couldn’t share why I feel that historically etc…the Jews have a right, why I feel how I do on all counts.  I can, but I also have to be willing as with everyone to try and understand where they are coming from and why.  It could be conditioning, company kept for so many years any number of things.  It is imperative that if I am going to be allowed to have my viewpoints and be me, providing they are clear and truly mine, not conditioned, but mine, express them, then I have to give space to the other for the same.  I will emphasize that I am realizing we must not protect anyone from honest, even harsh opinion and facts, but we can try to deliver them in a way perhaps that shows we do understand the other viewpoint, but explaining why the other viewpoint, to our understanding is in error, even despicable.   Maybe, do so with a smile.   I wish I had understood all this before for so many reasons, and that I had had the clarity to engage in a career as a spiritual life coach and compliment it with that of spoken word artist years ago.  I wish I had clarity of who I am, including in my spiritual life years ago.  However, better late than never.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen