What Lincoln Understood

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One of the issues with Fibromyalgia is sleep, getting to sleep, so I end up staying up late, and I was watching an oldie but goodie Battlestar Glactica and Starbuck gets marooned on this Prison World.  Here is the thing, the cages had no locks, the locks had not works for ages, but when Starbuck first tells them, to just walk out of the prisons, to be free they respond that no, they have always been prisoners, it’s how it is, how it’s been, but then he tells them, what your overseers have told you is a lie, you don’t need to stay prisoners and slaves to them.   You can be free, independent, think for yourself and then they do leave the prison walls. 

As we watch Trump looking to create financial freedom, break the iron grips of Unions, bring the NON Caucasian segment of our society, hate that word minority, they are not a minority, to a better place financially etc…, as the Freedom Caucus and others also seek to create a true engine of Capitalist prosperity for the Nation and thus the citizens of America these words of Lincoln seem quite appropriate to ponder.  It also seems appropriate to call to everyone who is a Democrat and seems Progressives as Progressive to realize they are not, not all, but rather to understand that Democrats and Progressives and the RINOS in The GOP and tight grip Unions are anything but Progressive, Innovative etc… They have created a prison of dependency and reliance, stagnation, when the total opposite should have been created, even by the faith community.  It is time for everyone to heed the words of JFK to not ask what America can do for us, for it’s citizens, but rather what we can do for it, what we can do to make it the Most Innovative, Capitalist, No Cronyism, Federalist, Originalist Constitutionalist, Most Exceptional, Strongest Borders Nation On Earth, where each person is self sufficient, their talents nurtured by the local community and faith community to the hilt, where education is totally the purview of the private sector and innovation thrives, as does academic success, where industry, healthcare and education all come together to make that happen, the education is student centered, truly learning and critical thinking centered not test or indoctrination centered.  Let us live these words of Lincoln and the words of JFK fully. 

Shalom and Amen