What Makes For Beauty?

When we think of beauty, we often think of the physical, for women we have been conditioned to look for tall, dark and handsome in a relationship, and whatever else we may have been taught by others, by society to consider beauty.  Are some looks etc. more appealing to us than others?  Sure, we all have preferences in terms of  the aesthetics, but  what is the true beauty of the spirit, the soul? For those of us who believe in a spiritual life, and that there are laws of nature and morality etc.. to be honored, such as the 12 Immutable Laws of the Universe and the 7 Philosophical Laws that go with it, the beauty of the spirit, soul, the heart even is about faith in the dark, about moving through and past obstacles, but also knowing when to let go.  When we think about the value of another, let’s remember that it is not about how rich or famous they are, but how they have navigated life and are they persons of solid conviction in line with those immutable laws and giving value to all life, to life itself from the moment that life is conceived to it’s natural conclusion, moving on to the other plane of existence.  It is about the ability to inspire and for those of us of faith, to speak truth, even when people hate you for it, doing so out of love and an understanding that for harmony the laws should be honored.  Aesthetics is about our own personal preferences, but beauty, that’s all about the internal and how one faces and navigates life, relationships, do so without hate, or such emotions.  May we all value beauty, no matter what the asthetics.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen