What Spirituality Means to Me


Spirituality and Me

I am beginning more and more  to understand what God through Jesus, his begotten son was trying to teach, the difference between religiosity and true spirituality, between religion and spirituality.  I am understanding the Bible as the holistic truth of God inspired through man, a roadmap for life, living, understanding creation as a whole, and much more. I also find that I can relate to the 7 Laws of Success written by Depak Chopra, and that those 7 Laws along with the Ten Commandments, and Ecclesiastes three, that poem can really be excellent specific roadmaps to guide ones life when delved into on many levels beyond the flesh.  

I am understanding that spirituality is about making that connection to divinity priority throughout the day and making that your primary nourishment, source of nourishment, through which in contemplation you find answers.  They may not always be comfortable answers and raise new questions upon which you have to contemplate, but that’s okay.  Even appreciating nature, contemplating the awe of nature itself,  or the beauty of a child’s laughter with her parents at play is spirituality.  God smiles on that, as he does contemplation of our own silliness and stupidity, while being truly repentant, making whatever reparation we can and moving  forward from there.  Spirituality is being happy, so you can share that joy, peace, tranquility and passion you have in all areas of your life, that deep profound love and connection to so many things in your own life with the world.

Spirituality is knowing that happy is okay and also that there is a time to refrain from embracing, to, to walk away from that which has for so long made one unhappy to embrace what truly can and will likely make on happy provided of course it’s not destructive and has love, real true agape love as the basis, a lot of good elements as the baseline.  That is spirituality as well.  Spirituality encompasses so much and for me it is something that goes beyond a bureaucratic structure, yet is true to Biblical truth, God’s truth, in a very holistic way, with many layers to uncover.  I look forward to uncovering all of that and much more of my gifts as a singer/songwriter in what remains of my amazing life.

Shalom and Amen