What the Old Guard Is Not Getting


I love the Latin Mass, the Masses of the various Societies within the Catholic faith, the solemnity of those Masses, the Reverence.  I believe in natural order etc.., would even without religion just by common sense.  Yet the Bishops chose to ignore the youth, the Catholic youth, invited Atheists and Muslims to discuss the fate and shaping of the RCC and Catholicism, talk about out of touch with your base.  This false notion of sugar coating, of having to spare people’s feelings etc… is so beyond bogus it’s truly laughable, if it weren’t so sad, so damaging to our world, our youth, society, selves, this delusion that all things are equal in God’s eyes in the sense that everything and anything goes so long as there is love baby.  Jesus never said that, God never said that, neither did the Prophets or Apostles.  Not even parents, if they have a brain, would have the philosophy with their kids that, hey anything goes baby so long as we have love in this house. That would be irresponsible, downright criminal.  Think about the disrespect the Synod showed the youth, shows society by ignoring what these young people conveyed was important to them.  It shows the Catholic Church has no respect for them, their desire for Tradition, Conservatism, and Truth, God’s Truth, Biblical Truth.  That is truly sad and UnGodly and why we see the growth of the Eastern Orthodox Church in America and growth of churches like Hillsong, Christian Charismatic, where there is a passion for Christ, for truth, no watering down.  If the RCC wants to retain youth and grow as a church, then it had better learn from these groups and get back to Tradition, Conservatism, be in but not of the world like Jesus taught, otherwise it will lose young people, keep losing them and it should rightly so lose them.  Kudos to the youth that does seek truth and tradition, to be in but not of the world, to all who seek this, who seek God’s truth, holistically, holistic scriptural truth and how to live and apply it in all things, honoring tradition, something I am appreciating more these days.