What To Do With This Perspective?

Inspiration Peace and Love


My family both sides for generations as far back as I know have been Catholic, but I have always been drawn to Judaism and could never quite understand why, until I started researching Jewish beliefs, philosophy and all that.  

It turns out my instincts about the Tenakh and how to read the Tenakh, understanding in my heart, in my “gut” have truly aligned with the Jewish faith, and Kabbalah.  Where does that leave me and where does that leave my faith in Jesus?  Do I throw all that out, the baby with the bathwater? No.  I can fully embrace Judaism, appreciate even for example the beauty of the architecture of a Mosque, of Islamic art, even the beauty of the artistic works of the Christian artists in the Cathedrals etc…, still embrace Judaism as my chosen faith.  What about Jesus, where does that leave him in all of this?  Does he get thrown by the wayside? No.  Jesus is important in what he represents in the reformation of Judaism from law to relationship.  Jesus, even if he does not meet the requirements of the Tenakh Messiah,  represents salvation from religiosity, from slavery to the law, and wisdom in seeking to reform and bring all together in Judaism, to Judaism.  Christians may not have understood this properly, but that is what the goal was, to bring everyone to the One God, and a more Reform, perhaps even Reconstructionist Judaism.   While Jesus is not the Messiah of the Tenakh, he was a reformer, was attempting to reform and he was right about for example a marriage being over once the heart is hardened and divorce on those grounds.  He was right about Judaism and spirituality having to be about relationship not so much ritual and legalities.  Judaism is right that it is about ego, light dark within, and how well be decide, choose and accept the consequence of that without blaming other for our stupidity, immaturity and baggage.  I don’t need to throw out everything about the faith of my ancestors, and I can still be true to myself, which is a beautiful thing, a truly beautiful thing.    I will be part of temple, study, learn and move forward from there.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen