What Was Up In the Garden?

The whole Garden of Eden, Fall thing, people debate is it literal, metaphorical, what’s it all about?  When I saw this Pin, it reflected what I thought it represented. Knowledge, understanding, discernment is key to ethics, integrity, right knowledge, influences etc… are all key to our understanding of constructive or destructive choices, decisions, not only to ourselves but others as well.  What happened with “the Fall”? 

If you pay attention, you have two trees, life and knowledge of good and evil, the tree of life being life lived in a pure spiritual state, one that is lived according to profound spiritual principles, not talking religious bureaucracy, talking about solid spiritual principles of valuing life and certain priorities, appreciating certain things, living life with honesty, integrity and all that jazz.  They were living that initially, but at some point they decided, that wasn’t jazzy enough for them, they wanted more carnal stuff, wanted knowledge and a life that was less about spirituality, spiritual principles and more about Ego, material principles, the abundance that came through Ego, rather than the natural spiritual and creative flow, their perspective got skewed and the choices made got skewed, hence the shame.  Now choices made were from Ego, from selfish pleasure, power all the Egocentric part of self, and they knew this was a destructive path, but once they embarked on it, they didn’t know or have the ability it seems to turn back to a pure heart and spiritual state.  Boundaries no longer existed, co-existence with animals was no longer possible, so the choices they made when their perspective got skewed by whatever screwy knowledge they pursued changed everything.  The choices they made between constructive and destructive, Ego and Id determined their fate and since biology is a strong indicator of the future, the rest of humanity.  Adam and Eve taken even metaphorically as the first group of humans, still made a shift in decisions, in where they came from with their choices going from a pure spiritual center to an Ego driven center and choices made from that Ego center, well, we can see from the world around us haven’t turned out so well.   Eden is a valuable lesson, one which I don’t always remember and need to be more aware of more often, that when any choice or decision comes strictly from Ego or false Pride, never a good place to come from and most likely won’t turn out well.  May we all learn from Eden and keep the lesson in mind in terms of boundaries and where we make choices from. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen