What Zionism Means to Me

Inspiration Peace and Love
Inspiration Peace and Love

When people think Israel, you can get a range of reactions and the same for Zionism.  Often what people know about Israel is distorted by the liberal left or in some ways even perhaps by the way conservative right.  All of this does a great disservice to Israel, the Jewish people, democracy and the world.  The government of Israel is diverse in its’ make up and life in Gaza is not improved by Abbass, Hamas or such, but if at all by the Israeli government.  Does that mean that the system is perfect?  No, but what bureaucratic system is, none.  I may not be Jewish by lineage, but I am by accepting Hashem as my God and Creator and I guess in solidarity for the Jewish state, homeland in accordance to Covenant and historical boundaries going way back.

What do I think of when I think of Israel and Zionism?  I think of a nation for those Jewish of blood and spirit, soul, a place where you can be Jewish to whatever degree your journey has you on, or even secular and still call Israel home.  I think of an Israel where all are welcome and it is welcomed by the world because it is recognized by the world to have Covenant and historical right of existence, without exception or debate needed.  I think of a solidarity with Israel as a nation according to the borders of Covenant and history being fully supported on a massive scale globally and a love for Israel and the Jewish people as a whole for they gifted the world with the Torah, the seed of Covenant, Unity of the Father of Creation, Hashem, while Israel and the Jewish people also as a government, a nation respect freedom of speech, religion etc… of others.  Do I believe in door to do conversions and all that, NO, so as much as I advocate freedom of speech, it annoys the hell out of me when you have door to door preaching and people shouting in the streets, that is a nuisance, not sharing the good news, just being a nuisance.

Maybe that is why I am looking forward to being the regional director of the UCM because we can come together in respect, celebrate life, redemption, transformation in spiritual and secular ways, making it home for everyone, including Zionists of different shades.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.