What’s Cooking?


The holidays are coming up and I am walking between two world right now Judaism, that I am truly drawn to and Catholicism, which is the faith of my family, and out of respect will not turn my back on for conversion as long as mom lives or until I have done a full discernment with the help of Rabbi Sebert and others at the Synagogue.  That’s one thing that I am amusingly journeying through, this living between two worlds right now.  It’s okay, I am fine with it.

Then there is the artistic stuff. I was my album, the holiday one with my original pieces and some known songs that I plan on doing with my own twist to them and copywriting this stuff, the cost, which can add up.  I realized with a bit of internet research I should be able to solve that problem and I did.  I found copyrighted and registered it with them for free.  There might be a limit of let’s say 30 items and then beyond that for unlimited a small fee each month, but that’s okay.  I even copyrighted this website.  I have as a the goal to have everything recorded by the end of this coming week and the album uploaded to bandcamp and routenote.  I also will be practicing for what will be the start I hope of many participations in a monthly music series at Most Precious Blood Church with my dear friend and sister Kim.    I hope to then find other such opportunities to put forth my material and also to share material I come across that touches me, and put forth a reflection on it.    This is I time for me to really come into my own as an artist, and find a way to make a living at this, to really figure out how to make a living at being a spoken word artist and getting a space to have access to 24/7 so I can quietly practice, record, and create. I am praying for that to be one of my Christmas gift.  

I hope you will support my music, my spoken word poetry, and I love sharing what the heavens inspire in me with all of you.