What’s Cooking?



First thing that’s cooking is my continuing education, as I have signed up for a course to be certified as a Transformational Coach.  I really want to focus on group coaching and seminars, so I want to be sure I can provide the best possible coaching I can, so continuing education is part of that.  

What about the actual coaching, what about that?  I hope you will consider signing up for the upcoming webinar and the weekly meditation.  Coaching, especially spiritual and wellness coaching, intuition plays a big role, so the meditation each week will be intuitive according to what I receive, am guided to put together as I meditate/pray to discern what the group might need most that week.  I will be setting up meditation in Spanish as well so spread the word and I do hope to do webinars and seminars in both English and Spanish in 2019.  Once I can stop sounding like Minnie mouse with these allergies, I will be recording more material for the coaching youtube channel.  The programs for coaching I plan to offer will be long term online programs and some condensed or very targeted themed in person seminars during the year.  I do hope you will join me for the upcoming webinar and for the weekly meditation.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen