What’s Cooking?

There is stuff happening, and I love sharing with all of you what is going on, so here it is and here is what I plan.  To begin, I have been signed to a non-exclusive one year deal with Bentley Records, which ouuld lead to an exclusive deal.  Here is what I have planned.  I want to keep things orderly and yet at the same time creative, so here is what I plan.

I will be sharing  what I have already recorded outright on this blog, and some public domain stuff I will record , but tweak to make my own, meditations and seminars, which I will sell on this site.  For Bentley Records I will be recording material only available through my artiste card website, which I am putting together, such as my Holiday album. I will take down my band camp site.  I was hoping to do a live Holiday Show, but that may not be possible, since I would focus these few months on the promotion of the Holiday album, so I thought best to really establish myself and then do a Valentenie show.  That’s what’s cooking.  Thank you all of you for following this blog, hope you will find material here that you can be inspired by etc.. to enjoy and also to purchase.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen