What’s Cooking?

Hashem is Within and All Around
Hashem is Within and All Around

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First Happy Holidays to All, whatever you are celebrating during this season, blessed be.  What’s cooking?  I have been really meditating a lot, chilling out and thinking about the direction for my life for the next several years.  I want to have a sense of where I have been, and where I am going based on what I have learned and more.  Where is all that taking me as an artist and in general?

I had an epiphany and it was this.  Most of the poetry/songs I write are with the purpose of inspiring, guiding etc.. and the music I love to listen to, the songs, have a message, something I glean and learn from them.  I realized that even when I taught ESL, I always sought to teach more than that, to always go beyond, to teach about life.  It dawned on me that in a sense my vocation, even through the arts is akin to a life and spiritual coach.  I have decided to pursue certification as a life and spiritual coach in 2015, while focusing on writing spiritually oriented songs/poems to inspire and such, as well as continue to grow in my education in that field over the years.  I hope to find a way to bring synergy to the two, combining the coaching with the arts.   Life is not just about living, but also about learning, so I hope to be a vessel of Hashem to bring both to the world. There’s also a realization for me of my spiritual path, which is that I am not religious, really seek to find or create community, fellowship for those of us who are spiritual, can appreciate the various faith traditions, believe in a Creator, force of Creation, God, but seek spirituality and a deep connection with that Creator.  It’s also dawned on me that many faith institutions focus on family, which is fine, but not everyone is married with kids and grand kids, or if they have kids and grand kids, they may not be in the same state.  You also have those who are divorced, widowed and often we don’t really fit in with the activities etc… offered.  I am hoping to organize spiritual activities that those not in the traditional family mode might fit into.   2015 will be a busy year, and the start of a whole new life.

Shalom and Amen