What’s Different This Holiday?

The light shines within.
The light shines within.


Once one realizes one is a spiritual being above all, truly IMAGO DEI, in tune with the Creator, energy of creation, one can both be in the world, but yet not of the world, thus have a clear truth about life, self, one’s path, and also a wonderful peace, tranquility.  One can understand love in a new way, in a wonderful way that was not understood before, so that if there is drama, one doesn’t get caught up, sucked into it.  One can walk away, navigate it without it being toxic.  One yearns to study the poem in Ecclesiastes 3 with greater depth. How does this make this holiday different?

It makes it different because I am not looking to the external for anything, not to an external relationship to be fulfilled, guided etc…, not human one.  I understand that connecting to that which created the universe itself will spark my intuition, understanding, foreknowledge etc…to guide me and I will know when to move forward, when to retreat, turn left, right etc…whom to love and whom to walk away from.  I will honor boundaries for my well being, to be honored, cared for, cared about etc…and do the same for others.  I don’t feel compelled to prove anything in terms of any career moves, or how much I have in the bank because that is not the purpose of being here on earth, of our creation, of being created.  My choices are choices that bring me peace, personal growth, but not through agitation, or pain.  This holiday the light of the Christ, the Kingdom as Yeshua pointed out is within me, something I did not comprehend before, but am starting to comprehend now.  It’s all about connecting to that understanding of IMAGO DEI and the creative energy/force/being that created the universe itself from within and working with that to make positive choices, healthy choices, be pro-active not reactive in life to be happy, joyful, wise etc… and be an example of that to others long term, honoring life as sacred.  My choices now in life, love ect.. are based on this understanding and thus having released that which does not serve my higher and greater good, my greater joy etc…, I can live the premise of IMAGO DEI, connect to the creative energy/force/being  freely, lovingly not in fear and all that but in pure love. 

That is what is different this holiday and will be different from this day forward.

Shalom and Amen