What’s Going On-Upcoming

What am I planning, working on?  Good question and here is what I am working on:

  • Making changes to this site, minor changes at this point
  • Planning to re-open the store in September
  • Products I am going to be focused on are: meditations, spoken word material and e-books, some written by me and my ghostwriter ( I provide the outline, the point I want to make etc.., and they then fill in the blanks
  • I am going to start work on my Christmas material in September, so that I can release it in October
  • I am hoping to do a spoken word and song Holiday Show live, would be my first artist gig in a long time, but I would love to do that show in December early December
  • I also hope to train to e a social media ambassador for Christians United For Israel.

That is what is going on and I really hope you will share this blog, my N1M site and if you can contribute to the GoFundMe campaign that would be very helpful and appreciated.