What’s Happening?

The Future is Also the Present.
The Future is Also the Present.


Life is often about cycles and now is my completion of studies and teaching cycle.  What does that mean for me and everyone else?

It means I am completing my Masters and Doctorate over the next 12 months in Holistic Counseling Ministry and I will be also doing other independent studies online and through reading in Kabbalah as well.  I am meditating regularly and going to be working on changing my own life patterns and financial stewardship of things, really working on stuff in myself and my life.  For me it means expanding my knowledge further, greater understanding, shedding of the old and embracing the new and creating a better life for myself within the context of my spiritual etc… truth in Hashem, and my spiritual path.  

As one who loves to share what I learn with others I have started to create courses, which I will be posting on Udemy, on online learning center and one will have lifetime access to my courses and meditations, which will have metaphysics and metaphysical psychology at their core.  I already have one class up and plan to have two more classes available for lifetime access in the next few weeks.  I will provide a link to those as soon as they are up.  I love to learn and to share what I learn from life and study with others, it’s such a great thing to learn and to share.

Namaste and Shalom