What’s New?

Inspiration Peace and Love

What has been going on in life?  It has been active, in spite of sinus infection and crashing three days in a row from the Fibromyalgia and this coming week will also be active, as active as it can be with all that going on, and being on antibiotics.  

Artistically, I have recorded new material, including meditations and am going to hopefully be creating a subscription based blog so that in addition to the written blog, you will be receiving songs and mediations no one else will as part of the subscription.  I have also been active in my work with Hadassah and have started becoming involved with the Town and Village Temple on 14th Street in Manhattan.  Life is active, and despite the pain of the fibromyalgia, when I walk, move etc.. I am not willing to let it put me to bed.  I may not be able to go back to the routine I had in the past to the vigor and extent of the past, but I will not allow it to totally take me down.

My goal is to focus on the arts, inspirational and spiritual coaching through the arts, as well as support Israel as much as I can through my work with Hadassah and the T & V.  I hope to launch this as a subscription based blog this summer.  I hope will all subscribe, and I promise it will be worth the very modest investment.