What’s New?

Hello everyone,

Been a while I know, but I have been working on some stuff and you can see what I have been up to by going to Arts and Culture .  Where do I start?


I have decided to get out there and start performing live again, so I hope you can join me for my first live gig in a long while, in 2016.  I also hope to join the Trinity Church Family Choir and lend my voice to that wonderful endeavor.  Then there is the spiritual/teaching aspect of things I am hoping to engage in, so 2016 I hope will be an active year, one of growth.  In addition I am hoping to share the great talent of a fellow artist with Manhattan, as I think he is awesome. 


Though the fibormyalgia is still with me, I do my best to work around it and keep moving forward as best possible with the help of The Spirit.