What’s Objective, What’s Subjective?


Good question right, and seems simple enough, but not always and not for everyone.  I have been thinking a lot on this question lately, especially with the holidays, as my mom in her nineties is nearing, let’s face it the end of her time and as I’m getting older and my time will come to meet my creator face to face.  What’s the answer? 

I decided to ask the Holy Trinity, simply ask, ask for inspiration on this and this is the first image, thing that came to me, a scientific study, then a crime scene, which at first I didn’t quite understand, so I had to meditate a bit on it.  It finally came to me.  The scientific, let’s start with that one.  You have a scientific experiment done regarding a new device on ALS, MS or Fibromyalgia patients, and it’s a six-month study. The study then comes out and it’s conclusions given to six doctors in six different communities.  The study is the objective methodical process by which the results are arrived at, got that.  Now when these seven doctors see this study, from six different communities, different experiences based on those communities etc.. what happens? Do you get seven uniform opinions of how to apply the treatment, how beneficial it will be etc…? I would venture to say no.  Odd, since the study is the same objective truth, study seen by all, but yet different conclusions reached by perhaps four of the seven.   The interpretation is subjective to the person’s experiences, biased etc…  Same with a crime scene, take 10 different detectives from three very different precincts and you will get different immediate conclusions probably, but they are all seeing the same crime scene, so why the difference? Again they have their own experience, biased etc…   If in both cases the perception is skewed, the personal biased of wanting it to be how they want it to be rather than following objective truth and evidence takes over, well, it can harm and do not harm of medical science and even law enforcement goes right out the window.

God’s Sacred Scripture, Bible runs into the same issues.  It is an objective moral, ethical truth when studied with a multilayer of understanding, and holistically, when studies from a theological, sociological etc.. viewpoint, from a literal, as well an allegorical and metaphysical viewpoint.  When studied and understood holistically, then you can see the beauty of objective moral and ethical truth.  Otherwise, you just see it as a bunch of rules that weigh you down because you just want to do your thing your way, the hell with anything else. Again, not saying one should stay in an abusive or crazy cult situation, but basic moral and ethical truths matter.  For that to matter to be understood a relationship with the sacred, divine, with gratitude and spiritual life, boundaries and clear precepts matters. 

Namaste,Shalom and Amen