What’s Offered Says A Lot



What people offer, what you are invited to participate in says a lot about where people think you are at, whether it is as an artist, in terms of the organizations you are involved in, it can be an indicator.  

As an artist, I used to do a lot of poetry readings, amateur nights and all that jazz.  That was fine early on.  Now, if I am invited to amateur nights and things like that, which I am not, it would not bode well for me at this juncture down the line.  It would tell me I haven’t grown really as an artist.  I would really have to take a good look to ask myself how safe have I played things, how small a circle have I kept myself to and in that I am after years of being at this, getting amateur night invites?  Red lights would be flashing all over the place for me and would make me do a whole 180 degree turn around of what I was doing and go towards that cliff and jump, open the parachute and che sera sera.  I am at the stage of putting all my material out there a few pieces at a time, will then see about doing an improv live show in Fall, even a seminar or two.  

Within my work in the NFP sector, same thing.  I am new to Hadassah, and UJF/JCRC, but I am already active in two chapters of Hadassah, am already attending galas at the synagogue,  yearly meeting with of the UJF/JCRC where the Israel Ambassador to the United States will be speaking.   I hope as more time passes I will be moving upward in my involvement in these groups, that I wont stagnate, same with Sons and Daughters of Italy.  The fact that the JCRC extended these invites, that Hadassah’s Chai chapter invited me to join and I was extended an invite to the annual synagogue gala says a lot about where I am at in my journey and trajectory.  We can look to what is offered to us to know if we are being stagnated wither by our own fears etc.. or others are stagnating us and maybe we need to break from of chains etc.. others have us bound by.  Where we are at can be seen by a number of indicated of what is offered being one of them.  

Good news is we have the ability to change things, we have free will, it’s  a matter of willpower, courage, faith in ourselves and maybe having to grab on to the hand and heart of someone who believes us more than we do in ourselves initially to get out of those chains that bind us.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.