What’s This Artist and Grad Student Been Up To?

The Future is Also the Present.
The Future is Also the Present.

What am I up to these days?

Besides trying to breath through the ikk that is the start of allergy season and usually walk through of the ikk of Fibromyalgia, I have gotten started on my Master’s in Holistic Ministry and Counseling thesis, set up my Gigee account and am going to be making changes to my katherine appello website on webs, just minor stuff.  My Thesis is on Prayer in the Context of the Law of Attraction and as it relates to Biblical principles.  I am coming to learn and understand a lot.

I want to reach as many people as possible with my music, poetry and teaching ministry and with the Fibro/Dysautonomia and also the cost of touring all that, it’s a bit tough, but with today’s technology, one can reach out and reach the world.  Why is that important?   I feel it’s very important because our youth is being corrupted, destroyed big time by singular ideologies, but not being taught to really learn, think, critique properly none of that.  That is really sad, dangerous and wrong.  As an artist and as a human being, a citizen of the human race, via the arts and holistic teaching ministry I can make a real impact.  How will I do this?

 One way is online concerts, starting with one in July for Victory, Faith and Freedom, then other online concerts, themed, to follow, via Gigee an online live streaming platform.  The other thing I hope to do via Gigee is to also offer seminars on different themes, such as education, and biblical studies, perhaps even headline reflection of the week based on a headline from the news. My hope is to do these in English and Spanish at some point, to build on these weekly reflections, monthly seminars and such to bring in others to speak as well.  Even with the concerts and poetry readings, I hope in the future to bring others to come in and share the platform with me.  I hope to share, impact, inspiring in all I am and all I do.  If not, what is the point of it all?

Namaste. Shalom and Amen