When Art and Chemistry Mix

Inspiration Peace and Love

When as an artist you are lucky enough to encounter another artist where the energy flow is electric, awesome etc…, it’s a true gift.  You can imagine all kinds of collaboration artistically, but you can also envision it going beyond that.  When there is a similar worldview, cultural common ground all of that added to the mix, it’s a blessing in spades.  Life is a maze and a journey, where patience is a virtue, and for relationships, collaborations even more so at times.  

I know there is a great deal of potential for a particular connection to develop, to grow and be something really awesome, and as an intuitive, I believe they also do, I sense they do.  Life sometimes requires we get our house in order, unplug from the past, maybe from insecurities etc… before we can move forward with these connections etc… in a full manner.If things don’t occur immediately and in exactly the way we wish, we assume there will never be collaboration or relationship beyond a passing glance. We have to understand as the poem in Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time and purpose under the heavens, a time for everything.  I knew the minute we locked eyes and met, there was lots of chemistry, and I was really encouraged in my arts, to fly, really go full throttle with my dream, the energy this connection stirred really was something active and proactive in me.  It’s a beautiful thing and I am hoping that whatever fears, uncertainty or shyness, if any, he has he will overcome, that he will soon be coming forward, so we can be a team in the arts and organically for it to go where it is meant to and where he might like to take it.  My heart, spirit and soul are open to this connection happening, growing and rocking this world with the arts and inspiration.  Whatever needs to shift etc…for this person to come forward, I meditate and pray it does.  I know I have to have a little more patience.  My instincts tell me late June/July are important times for me, so I am going to hope that in that time frame he has crossed all his t’s, dotted all his i’s and come forward for the start of an amazing journey for us to make in this life.  He could start with online chat, and work project discussion over coffee if he is not comfy going into the relationship part of it right away, and we could start with that and ease into anything beyond the creative, if that’s more comfortable for him.  I will respect whatever he feels most comfy with.  I do wish the logistics were better, that there was less travel time in terms of where I reside and where he resides, but for now it is what it is.  I look forward to a great bond, journey and lots of great artistic project together.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.