When Collaboration, Coordination Lacking

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary
Sadness, but we must not be silent.

For anything to succeed, to thrive, particularly an organization, even a friendship, anything like that certain things must be present, or sadly it will not succeed or thrive.

I have asked the Lord to bring me into situations or a situation where I could truly have day to day ongoing collaboration, cooperation etc… on a faith and artistic level to share the faith, to grow in the faith, the traditionalist ways of the faith, all the beauty of it and the Conservative worldview and Biblical wisdom I cherish, even if I am not always perfect at adhering to it.  I thought my prayer had been answered when a recent opportunity was presented in a nearby parish.  I had very high hope that there would be effective direct coordination, collaboration on an artistic and leadership level to advance the good of the organization, to see it thrive and prosper including financially to honor tradition and conservatism, to share the faith, give people a true Catholic identity, create thriving long term PR strategy for the organization.  I am so clear on what needs to be done etc…, have shared that as it was given to me by the Holy Spirit, thinking that the other party would be happy to do whatever could be done to see the entity thrive, prosper, to see the pews filled long term, generation after generation, that kind of legacy created.  That was my hope, my prayer.  

However, that hope has been dimmed an dashed as collaboration, and coordination of the highest caliber etc… does not seem to be in the cards, which leaves me with a bit of dilemma,  I care about the people there and the organization, want to see it saved and thriving, but I also am clear on what I am given about what I am given by the Holy Spirit.  I am clear that my strengths are to coordinate, to organize, to present the vision, and the arts, that I wish to do that for the Lord and in the faith community.  I also am clear about the organization, any organization requiring solid planning, PR and all that, about the people doing different projects working as a close knit family, in a perfectly coordinated intimate dance that moves the audience and transforms their lives, their hearts by the finished product.  I don’t see that happening here, though I am ready, willing and able on my end.  It is sad, it makes me sad.  I am going to have to decide if I just walk away and organize a Traditionalist Catholic Arts Ministry through meet up or what to do at some point soon if I have to keep banging my head against the wall when I know clearly what needs to happen and to be done.  May the Trinity, angels and saints guide me as what to do.