When Collaboration Runs Into A Wall

a dark room

I have dreamed of the opportunity to work with a team, with creative people, really make an impact. I thought I had found that, but a glitch.

For me for something to thrive, it has to have a collaborative element to it, what does that mean?  It means clear, ongoing communication.  If someone emails, communicates something to me, needs to know something to do what they need to do, I don’t hesitate, I respond and if I need to follow up further I do so ASAP.  It means different perspectives are heard and the one that will bring abundance, prosperity etc.. is enthusiastically effectively applied.   It means being open heart, spirit and soul, so that communication can be open, flowing, ongoing, clear, everyone is kept in the loop at all times.  If at any time anyone is not a fit for the team, they are told in a way that leaves no animosity etc.., but they are not left hanging as to what is going on.  That communication, that flow, mutual open heart, spirit and soul in a very constructive, clear boundaries way, is used to produce amazing results, works for the organization or team. There is also great focus and planning for the long term, a solid vision, a holistic one created and implemented.  The dots are connected, so that one sees the forrest and the trees, not just one or the other, and thus long term planning can and does occur, communication is flowing, everyone is kept in the loop all the time.  Ideas are shared, vetted as a team, together, implemented as a team.  

When this happens, great stuff can occur, but when the other person doesn’t have this collaborative sense as you do in the same sense that you do, then it becomes a struggle, an uphill climb.  It drains, frustrates, aggravates, and you have to make a choice of whether the project etc… is worth the frustration, aggravation of dealing with all of that and having to deal with people who are not on the same page as you in regards to what collaboration is.  Not always easy to make that decision.  You may have to do quite a bit of meditating and praying to see what God wants you to do and how to handle it.  That’s okay, decisions don’t always have to be made right away.  They do at some point have to be made.  I understand that each person has their own way and perspective, but when others are not collaborating and that lack of full collaboration creates tensions or tricky situations for you, then that’s not good.  Praying for guidance, weighing the pros an cons of staying and leaving, finally deciding is usually what happens. One can totally accept that each person is who they are, work as they are etc.., but that does not mean that it is healthy for you collaborate with that person on any venture etc… Yes, we can save ourselves a lot of aggravation by accepting that at a certain point in life people are molded to be a certain way, have a set personality, patters etc.. and there may be no adjusting that. Accepting doesn’t mean we have to be part of that team or group.  If we do decide to be however, we have to figure out how we are going to flow with the flow and each person being who they are, and each person flowing with the flow of who we are.  Teamwork is tricky, collaboration is tricky, it takes work, compromise, conscious effort to want to make it work, keep everyone in the loop.  If that happens great stuff can happen, but if not, then you can end up with a high turn over rate and lots of “see you around, I’m out of here”.  Will I be saying those words in the next few weeks?  I might, looking more and more like I might, sadly.