When Fear Keeps One From Connecting

misty sky

Often the Holy Spirit will enlighten me through dreams, and this morning I had one that gave me insight into why a collaboration might not work, no matter how much I might or would ever want it to.

For creative and such collaboration to really work, especially long term and in the spiritual realm, there needs to be a real connection, real opening up on all levels, even a deep connection and thread of friendship, exploration of things etc… as a team.  If even one of the team has a wall, is too scared to make any deep connection, fully open up, engage in really getting to know the other, there is not a totally joint and coordinated effort on all fronts, on all levels, then it will be hard to really have that collaboration, work.  This morning I had a dream that showed me the crux of why collaboration may not succeed, much as it pains me.  It is draining to try to build a connection when the other person has a wall you can as an empath etc.. see and feel, fear of connecting you can sense, emotions they won’t allow themselves to ever acknowledge in life.  At this point I have to pray and ask the archangel Michael and Raphael to help me with this, them to pave the way to a shift or something else.  I think that they have a big heart and with a deep connection made, exploring our culture together as a team and fundraising as a team, it could be great, but that has to all be mutually sought.  I don’t see that happening and so collaboration will be uneven and haphazzard, and with some success, but without a real and deep connection, real opening up in deep and healthy friendship, not sure how far the collaboration can go and how productive it will be.  I will invoke the assistance of the archangels, we shall see.