When Is The Line Crossed?

Confused Face

We often hear the phrase “crossing the line”, but what the heck is crossing the line and how are lines crossed, well after the WH Correspondence Dinner and a few exchanges with some followers of mine on Instagram it got me thinking.  Here is where I qualify crossing lines and needing to be smacked upside the head or kicked somewhere quite painful maybe more than once.

  • Taking justice into your own hands with violent acts
  • Cruelty in your speech in regards to the unborn, another’s looks, illness
  • Fake profile and pretending you are a widower looking for a mamma for your kids, just twisted, and yukk
  • Asking for a phone number after 2 minutes of online chat, when you don’t know the person, rude and immature
  • Giving your child everything, so they appreciate nothing and no one
  • Confusing Religion with The Holy Trinity, relationship with them
  • Calling yourself a reporter or journalist if your team, or you have not actually done a lot of research and stayed on a story long term
  • Confusing yourself with a reporter, journalist when you are an editor or opinion giver, there is a difference, figure it out fast
  • Calling for the physical harm, even death of those who simply seek to enforce the existing laws of the nation, seek to live their faith with harm to no one
  • Seeking to eradicate all public evidence of faith and spirituality
  • Making policy based on emotions, yours or that of others, including feelings of grief, thus violating our very laws, Constitution, rather than precedent and the Constitution, the Capitalist Constitutional Capitalist Federalist Republic

These are the ones that initially sprang to mind, sure there are others, but these seem to have come immediately to mind.  We have had Roasts for ages now, but Don Ricles if you look at videos of him roasting Reagan, and if you look at Roasts for Dean Martin, even other high profile people years back, they teased and mocked, but it was not cruel, and what we see now, what we saw at the WHCD was not a Roast, it was a disgusting massacre.  It was not anything that any human being should want to be associated with, disgusting, sad, deplorable.  The one about Holy Trinity and religion, let me clarify.  Sometimes we can get so bogged down in the rituals and all that, in the committees, bake sales, fundraising for the institution that we lose connection at the deep level of heart, spirit and soul with the Holy Trinity.  Religious Institutions are a way for us to have discipline and gain knowledge, understanding about God, about the Trinity, and different aspects etc… of the the Bible and thus the Trinity, they provide stable ritual that helps us to focus on the Godhead, and different aspects of biblical truth etc…, but we can get easily distracted and the institution itself can become our God, or even in this modern crazy looney age, causes can become our God.  We need to be careful about making sure that the Holy Trinity is always the focus, that relationship, gratitude to the Godhead for our life, etc…even when it’s not going exactly as we planned or would like it to be going.  As for the media, they really need to get straight the difference between actual reporting like Sarah Carter does and Hannity or Tucker Carlson who are commentators.  They take everything that their guests have researched etc.. and give their take on it, debate it.  People in the media need to learn the difference of who they are and stop pretending to be what they are not.  Same with online stuff, time for the fakers to stop faking!!

Shalom and Amen!!