When It Really Dawns On You

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.


When you think of moving forward, building something up, a lasting legacy, something that will stand the test of time, you think of foundation, I do.  That is what I was thinking in terms of a particular project, in regards to a particular place, iconic piece of history that I hoped could be saved.  However, when I think of how that comes about, I envision a solid team of people that really work to get to know each other like a family knows each other inside out.  I envision intricate collaboration on an almost daily basis, everyone involved, teamwork in the broadest sense.  I envision solid friendship of the team members, a lot of creative juice flowing, brainstorming as a team.  None of that is happening and that is a big hurdle as I see it.  If there is no real collaboration, if there is no building of friendships, learning and growing together as a team, there is not team.  If there is not team, then the chances of a sustained legacy for the long term, well not sure on the odds.   That is sad because it is a beautiful icon, history of the Catholic faith of Italian immigrant community.

I have this beautiful icon and It is tied to my culture and heritage, so on the one hand I want to help, truly, but on the other hand, when there really isn’t collaboration as I understand collaboration to be, do I stay and really keep feeling like I’m banging my head against the wall?  With the fibromyalgia which had calmed down a bit, but has acted up in the past few months with a vengeance, do I want to be in a situation where I am banking my head against the wall, or feel like I am doing so?  I really don’t have an answer yet, not fully.  I hope I do soon, very soon.