When The Ball Is In Another Court



There are times when you can fully move ahead with what the Lord has put into your heart or shown you to have great potential, and other times, not so cut and dry.

There are times when though the Lord has shown you the tremendous potential something has to offer, all it can achieve, the creative potential it has, potential to inspire, share the faith even, the ball may not be in your court to make it happen, not in any direct way.  The ball may be in the court of another, but they may have so much on their plate trying to do so much, not being focused and so they are not channeled with their energies enough to see that all they wish to achieve can be achieve through this venue etc…Though you can see it very clearly, others may not and it can be very frustrating because you are not sure why you have been shown this, given this word of knowledge etc…You wonder if it is supposed to happen now, in some future moment, and you may even start to think it may not even be God giving you this flash insight, so it can be very frustrating to have these strong flash insights, see such great potential in something, all it can represent etc… with strong focus and streamlining, but be frustrated if others don’t see it.  What do you do?  Do  you give up on it?  Do you push and insist on the vision with those who have the ball in their court as you have been given the word of knowledge?  What do you do?  Depends.  It depends on any number of things, including where you are at in life, how tired you are in life of dealing with these types of situations, of waiting on others for your stuff to happen, even God’s word of knowledge as he gives it to you.  You really have to do some solid meditating on it to figure out where you are at, what the right approach is and if you want to wait to see if the word of knowledge given comes to pass and how.  If you  are already involved in the project etc… you can keep doing what you are doing if you enjoy it, pray to be given opportunities to help bring about that word of knowledge vision you were given in your heart, spirit and soul.  You can also work on projects outside of that to fulfill your potential, keeping balance so you don’t burn out, and trying to stay focused, not scattering your energies into many different types of projects etc.., but staying focused on the same path that your heart is fully drawn to by the Holy Spirit to follow.    That is crucial, that focus and streamlining, which contrary to what some might think does not have to be boring.  When you have found your true path and you truly love what you do, then there is nothing boring about it, and I would agree with Trump what vacation is needed.  When you are doing truly what you love, you don’t need a vacation, though I would recommend periodic change of scenery, communing with nature.  

As I look at a situation, project that has so much potential if everything is streamlined into that particular project, venue, but am not certain of what is forthcoming in terms of the future of that project, I realize I have to think about what God placed in my heart and how to achieve that.  These blogs will be how I achieve the arts ministry.   I hope I can count on your support for this inspirational and coaching ministry and the music arts ministry as well.  I hope to expand beyond spoken word as you lend your support, particularly to the kaartist blog.  The ball may in other people’s courts, but doesn’t have to stay there, remember that and if you are given a calling, a vision in your heart, if something has great potential and others don’t see it as you do where it is at, then find an alternative and make it happen anyway.