When The Heart Fears, Paralyzes, Yikes!

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

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Love is, being in love can be a powerful thing, but also the most frightening thing in the world and in some cases more so.

Love and being in love can be exhilarating, make you feel like you are floating on air, inspire etc.., but it can also be petrifying. How can that be, didn’t I just say it was great? Yes, I did, but…Yeah sometimes for some there is a but in there, even if it may not seem rational to others.  For people who are not good at communicating, or communicating emotions, are painfully shy, falling in love, being in love can be a real literal pain.  They may be head over heals with someone and even fall for someone who is not shy at all, the opposite, that whole compliment and synergy thing, opposites attract.  Because they are so painfully shy, it can be quite daunting for them to express what is in their heart.  For someone like that the best thing is to “bite the bullet” as they say and provided there is no impediment and they are free to be with the one they love, just plunge right in and express yourself.  If the other party has given any indication they have an interest, then should be no problem.  I am a firm believer in prayer and meditation before any endeavor and asking for a few angels to accompany you as well, can’t hurt.  What might be another reason the heart fears loving and being loved? History of course.  If a person has a history of having made lousy choices, painful ones in the past, has had a very unhappy marriage that has just ended in a not so amicable divorce and all that, is concerned about how their kids might react to a new woman in their life, even if the kids are grown and if they are not a very strong personality, then they may doubt their ability to make a choice, to love and be loved rightly. They never connect, not really, close off their heart, spirit, soul to anything deep, and though they have a lot of butterfly connections, they are terrified of anything raw and deep, too many inner demons tormenting for that.  In this case, one has to face those demons head on constructively, look at the pattern of bad choices and change the pattern. Then one can prayerfully move forward with an open heart etc..as the demons are put to rest.  Then there is the must control person, the one who has to control every aspect of things, and won’t even consider what the other has to say about anything.  They are too full of their own whatever to share the spotlight with anyone, too territorial to share a path, life a journey with anyone.  This might require some life and relationship coaching and definitely prayer. Life is about journey and hopefully we can find a special someone, a true twinflame soulmate to share the spotlight with.  

Is any of this easy? No, not by a long shot, but it is I think worth it.   Love, falling in love, being in love can be scary, as much as it can be amazing and staying in love takes an effort to stay on a common path, journey together, but if we let fear paralyze the heart, she spirit and soul, we miss out of something potentially amazing.  That truly would be a sad thing.