When Twin Flames Unite

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Twin Flame Love

A love like no other

my heart feels the call to you

the memory of separation rises

deeply carved in my heart

for I am you, and you are me

one together throughout all time

The tears of our parting

touch my soul through our lifetimes

as it is upon us once more

seeking the union

The angel wings wrap around me

comforting me, reassuring me

the time for our complete union will soon be

This solace I seek

Wide eyed in innocence and total love

for you are the one

no other can take this place

My heart reaches out to you

deeply longing to heal the separation

to be in total union

yet I know painfully so, I must await divine timing

One day our hearts will be as one

In Union, In all

All that we are will be forever more

by Leah Sarah Ince

Summarizing we must remember that Twin Flames, that True Deep Love, can not be fully realized and come to full union until both have been made whole as individuals, each faced their insecurities, “demons” etc… on their own first, then they can complete the rest of the purging of their own cords together, last inch to the finish line. They first must have their own life in order, clear understanding of self, identity of self, balance of male and female energy, no trying to fit in where they truly don’t belong, know where they do belong. When they do they will find that their Twin Flame is their common ground. In essence on every level, in every way in spirituality, in every way, shape and form, they are coming “home”. They don’t have to try to belong or fit in, they already do. Once each has become pretty much whole on their own and they come together to complete the rest of the journey, they will find that deep Unconditional Love that is called the Twin Flame.

They come to understand that you can be part of great amazing mystical beyond time and space even, Oneness, the Mind, of the Divine of the Holy of Holies, but yet in your clear identity, gifts, talents, you can be also be an individual simultaneously. You realize you can have one “foot” so to speak in the intellectual and academic, logical and another in the esoterical and philosophical and there’s no conflict between them. It seems that right now, in this time people are breaking down, current relationships are falling apart even ones of many years, where one or both suddenly realize they are with the wrong person, and realize they can not get another out of their heart, mind, spirit, and from under their skin even, that there is something that transcends any logical explanation. They are even getting ill, feeling they are losing their minds, torn between the old and familiar of so long having been a part of, strived to belong to and that which they have denied for so long, even to themselves, the Twin Flame, the True Love, and so many other truths about their lives, their past, themselves. One the union of the Twin Flames, both purged, both whole, comes to full fruition, WOW. They are transformed into a channel for a singular “charge” of the Divine energy within a union that can be both spiritual and physical. They also represent the paradox of a miracle where both exist as distinct individuals and also as “One”. Because of this, they are more powerful together than they are as individuals, and can truly transform society.

This awareness of True Love Twin Flames on both the Astral and Physical Plane will happen more and more I think as people begin to understand that the universe is made of mainly of energy, of vibration, of either alignments or mis-alignments and that until some processes are fully completed nothing will be right in people’s lives and society. Everything in our society is undergoing upheaval, change etc…, things oppressed, repressed, hidden are being brought to light, things can’t be hidden and so neither can the need for True Love and Twin Flame connection to be realized, to be brought to right resolution by all parties. Right alignment with the Divine and Spirituality VS. Religiosity and Legalism is also being brought out, and an understanding of the differences. Much is happening on the personal level for many, and for some the journey has been excruciating in terms of illness, feeling as if they are going to lose their minds, feeling under a pressure cooker, like they want to rip their own skin off, very intense. For those of us who understand, have a connection to the spiritual realm, Elohim, the Holy Spirit, the arts, easier to manage this journey of confrontation with the self. Though an upheaval journey in some ways and for some in many and major ways, it is necessary, if they have the courage to make it, and don’t live in permanent denial of the truth, of the Twin Flame and other spiritual truths.


Shalom and Amen