Where Do I Focus?


I could focus on poetry, spoken word or song, do both, but which might have the most impact?  The more I delve into the self coaching course and self hypnotherapy course, the more I realize that my life is not about me really, but how my gifts can impact the lives of others for the greater good, their greater good and my greater joy.  Of course I have to earn a living, as there are bills in life to pay, but besides that, the core of what I do, I really have to think about why I do it, why I want to do it.

I love to write, to sing, so recite, all of that is something I love to do.  I also have to be quite realistic, and I know people in the creative field don’t like that word, realistic, but in life you have to be a bit realistic and practical at the same time that you dream and are creative.  They have to go hand in hand, so with that in mind, I have a decision to make about my creative path, and it seems to me that poetry, the spoken word can have a huge impact when read with intent, with heart and soul.  The coaching, that’s another aspect I have to figure my focus more clearly on, and am getting there.