Where Do We Feel It?

Our bodies are in every fiber living breathing entities and also sponges.  We may for example think we have “gotten over” stuff, or accepted situations etc… We may think ourselves superman or superwoman, untouchable by what others say or do.  That is not the case. Every aspect of the self is a sponge that absorbs situations actions, reactions etc… Studies in energy medicine and even psychologists understand that emotions, residual from emotions can get lodged in different part of the self.  If you still have unresolved emotional issues chest pain things of that nature may be how your spirit and soul are communicating that you have unresolved emotional issues, maybe unforgiveness even of self for scewing up.  Not to say one shouldn’t;t learn lessons, but if we can’t forgive ourselves we can’t move forward, nor can we forgive others.  Forgiving does not mean approving of the actions, or not recognizing patterns that need correcting or addressing in others, even ourselves.  It does mean you understand the lesson, find constructive ways to release that and move forward, releasing all of that from your spirit, soul and thus your physical self.  I still have some unforgiveness towards myself that I have to work on, an unforgiveness that I am sure irritates the Holy Trinity to no end, and with good reason.  Have I let go of some patterns that were not serving me well? Yes, I have, but fully forgiving ourselves for past decision is a lot harder than one might thingk However if we are to be well, we should now why our body is reacting as it is, to some extent so that we can address it and move forward on all levels.  I will continue working towards a manageable exercise routine, prayer and mediation for self forgiveness and look forward to completing squeezing the sponge that is my spiritual and emotional self of junk and baggage etc.. to have full and true wellness.  



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