Where I Am My Mother’s Daughter

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

When my mother says she can’t figure where I came from, I sometimes have to smile because we have maybe more in common than she realizes.

She is not fanatic religious, but has clear spiritual codes etc…, clear notions on politics and such,.  She is Catholic, raised that way in her native Italy, in southern Italy.  Doesn’t mean she agrees with all the doctrines, like the annulment thing because like she says, thinking that any priest can nullify it as if it was never valid is stupid.  However, if that gives you peace to be happy with someone new, that’s what you need to go be happy, get communion in peace, knock yourself out.  She was divorced, and never stopped getting communion.  As far as she is concerned God knows her heart, and she confesses to God what she needs to confess and that’s that.  She says her rosary, prayers, goes to Mass and when she can’t watches it on TV.  I have always had foreshadowing dreams, meditated, spoken to the saints in contemplative mediation and to the Trinity, agree with her viewpoint, though I did go through my hardcore evangelical phase, my dogmatic phase, short one.  I am my mother’s daughter.  I think in terms of an “get” in the Jewish faith, an annulment in the Catholic faith, it is about the individual and more so for their own peace of mind.  If they truly feel they can’t move on to a new life, union, love etc.. without one, then they will live unloved, refusing to love etc.. without one, will have a bunch of people in their life, but never truly love raw, deep, be loved raw, deep forever.  She has s strong character and is a strong lady, you can’t knock her out, down, yes, but out, no!  She rarely minces words, hmmm guess that’s where I got that from and likes nature, particularly and really more so in the Fall and Spring.  I don’t really go for high faluntin, like to keep things simple in life, not big on a lot of noise and big crowds, like things simple and the noise to a reasonable level please.  I also enjoy just having quiet contemplative time with just some music to nourish the soul.  If I had that twinflame soulmate in my life, we could do that together.  I guess I am my mother’s daughter because she likes to sit out on the terrace just have that quiet in the evening or even during the day when there is not a lot of traffic or noise outside.  We have clashed and often like two good old friends will do and what she often doesn’t realize is we have clashed because we are both strong women, and I got that from her.  When I say strong, I don’t mean strong in has to be my way or the highway, no.  I can be very sweet, gentle as anyone who has seen me with kids or even with her when she has not been well can attest to.  If I am going to work on any collaborative efforts with others, I have no problem collaborating, equal partnership, give and take, cool.   Even my time teaching I had very strong protective maternal instincts towards my students, even though they were college age and some were even older than me.  As I look to who I am and my mom, I can say not in every way because I am a poet singer-songwriter, which she is not, but in many ways, I am my mother’s daughter.  I guess like her I am Catholic because it aligns with who I am culturally and in terms of life issues and certain social issues such as defining marriage it lines up with who I am.  On the other hand, like mom says in some stuff, seriously, no.  I am my mother’s daughter.