Where the Focus Is, Thus…

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As I work on preparing for my one woman mini concert at church tomorrow and work on other stuff for the church, and listen to music for the spirit and some  great Irish and Italian music, I realize I have not looked at my horoscope or anything like that so far today.  What is so so significant about this? Focus, that’s what.

My focus was on things I love, things I love doing, things related to the church, to the artistic, my heart was very much at peace, as I was working with someone that there is really good energy with, great compliment and synergy, I felt really good about the work, where it was all going, the direction of it.  I felt we were finding our groove and in doing so things were really on a great path.  That sense of finding a groove, where I was supposed to be, gave me peace.  It was a great feeling, is a great feeling.  When the heart is focused on one’s true path, and on the Lord, you don’t even have any interest in anything like astrology or any of that stuff, you are are so in the groove of the things of the Lord, and your vocation, path, your groove, it’s a beautiful thing.  What’s next?  I will keep building on what I have already started, will keep planting and nurturing the seeds.  I do hope to expand my social life a bit more, do some more networking, but with a group, so I hope to create a group of artists, Catholic artists that we can pray and create together, even socialize together, a real close knit community of Catholic Irish and Italian artists to pray, create and evangelize together through the arts.  After all my parish is Italian, but an auxiliary of a basilica that is Irish in heritage, so it’s a great bridge of union, both people a people of strong faith, strong belief in family, and a strong tradition in the arts.  With my focus on my music and as the faith, the Lord giving me more to do, hopefully gigs to perform at, in Manhattan as I am praying, artistically, or as a speaker on faith, I will be a busy bee and earning my daily bread doing what I love.

Life has beautiful possibilities if I keep my focus and I hope that along this journey I will be brought into union with a great man of faith who will be my best friend and life companion and I his.  It would be a great gift to receive from the Lord this year, as I enter a new year, since technically we enter a new year on our birthday and mine is coming up August 4th.  It would be nice if this year maybe before Christmas that would be grand gift of the year.  May that prayer be answered.