Where Will I Focus It All?

As I look at my path of ministry, coaching, and all that jazz, beautiful jazz, I have to ask: ” well where to I want to focus, what do I want to focus on in my work?”  I realized that part of the reason we are so messed up is we are not being taught how to be emotionally and spiritually well or strong, to be firm in times of storms and darkness, how to frankly not be snowflakes and have a victim mentality.  What do I do to help undo all that, at lest to some extent?  I meditated and prayed, how I often reach understanding, as well as through my study of Kabbalah and currently Christian Counseling.

 It came to me two days ago and I see feeling more strongly about it.  I will be focusing my work, including the artistic, on addressing Emotional and Spiritual Wellness, as well as Managing Life Transitions, and Storms.  I will be posting articles related to this subject and sharing my own wellness journey with you as well.  I will be offering products to enhance this journey, including meditations I will be creating starting next month.  I hope you will be blessed.  I’ve also set up a gofundme campaign to raise funds to move things to the next level and better serve all of you, this is the link. https://www.gofundme.com/transformative-Coaching-Arts-Production