Where Will I Focus?

As I look to the future and as I make my journey through the labyrinth that is fibromyalgia, seek to try, get my life back on track, I seek to submit a plan for self sufficiency to the social security office, I have to think about what area of coaching do I really want to focus on, and as I look at my own journey through my own life etc.. I realize that the emotional and spiritual well being of a person are integral  and of the utmost importance to the physical well being.  In 2019 I will be completing my NLP coaching studies, taking three other coaching courses, which are: Law of Attraction Coach Training, Awareness and Mindfulness Coach Training, and Yoga & Meditation Coach Training.  In addition to the virtual training, I will also be looking to regularly go to the Three Jewels Wellness center, participate in light yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation, practice mindfulness daily. 

As regards the blog, I will be adding new recordings in March, and continue to share reflections as I have been doing.  In addition, I hope to add more e-books and also host online bi-weekly meditation and awareness circles.  I do hope you will become a paid member, support this blog, which I bring to you with much love.

Thank You