Where’s My Focus To Be?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As I pursue independent studies in life coaching, one of the things that I am hearing is find a focus within that umbrella of life coaching. Even within the songwriting I am realizing that I need to determine what genre I want to focus on, hone that area of songwriting.  What do I specialize in?  

In terms of the coaching, I could focus on relationship coaching, youth coaching or some other area I find listed on the Net.  However, I have decided that what I want to focus on is Life Transition and Transformational Coach.  I want to work with those that are looking to make changes, to transition or are doing so.  Life has different transitions for all of us at different times for different reasons.  I really feel that I would love to help those who are considering change, going through changes, looking to create a new life, move out of situations they are in, into new situations.    I will have gone through the self study modules in likely few weeks.  I look forward to working with people to help them transition, make changes or manage their transitions.    I am learning some wonderful, effective and simple techniques I can use, which I will to help others.  Often we may have a goal etc… but it helps to have someone facilitate the path, work with us to achieve the goal/s constructively.    As for the songwriting, I really want to focus on soulful, spiritual, inspirational material, maybe even stuff that I can tie in with my coaching.  I wish to write material, record material that can really open people up heart, spirit and soul in powerful and beautiful ways.  I really do hope to find a way to combine my songwriting and coaching to empower, inspire others.  I will be posting more about my services on this and if anyone is then interested in transitional coaching, they can contact me, or even to collaborate with me in the arts, if you need someone to write lyrics or a meditation, personalized.  I look forward to combining what I am learning, what I already know to help others in transition, or seeking to make transitions and transforming their lives.  

Namste, Shalom and Amen