Who Am I and Why?

Who Am I and Why?

I am a woman, sweet and sassy, often lots of sassy, though I try to keep the sassy mainly to my writing and the Internet, as well as in discussion with those I feel I can, by instinct be sassy with, or need to be sassy with.  There are those who can’t handle a woman and sassy, it just really doesn’t mesh for them and makes them so uncomfy, so you have to know who  with and when you can be sassy.   I can be serious, or I can be sexy or both, but never in an overt way, as I don’t think you need to be.  I understand sexy to be comfortable with yourself, with who you are and where you are in life, so even in dress, you don’t need to call particular attention.  I am as a woman in a relationship, when not picking up intuitively and projecting the other persons angst etc…, sweet, loving, warm, communicative, faithful, confident and solid in who I am.  Life has taught me to honor myself as a woman, the feminine, but in a sacred way, a way that is authentic to my spirituality.  If I don’t honor that, then I will never be okay with myself or life.  That is why I am who I am as a woman.

I am a Metaphysical Philosopher who finds herself greatly drawn to the Jewish Faith and Biblical Wisdom as a whole, and understands Jesus to be Messiah from a metaphysical philosopher point of view, the point of view of seeking to bring Judaism out of a suffocating, oppressive, repressive, literalistic, legalistic form to a more literal, empathetic form and a personal point of view, seeks guidance from Him and the Bible in prayer, study.  As he was his whole life a Jew, I honor that and will seek to learn all I can about the Jewish faith and understanding of Messiah from the OT Jewish point of view, as well as be unconditionally loyal to Israel and its’ right to exist, defend itself.  As regards metaphysics, I understand from what I am reading on Quantum Physics and what I knew by instinct for the longest time that we and the universe are made up a lot of energy, so energy, vibration all of that plays a great role in life, prayer and so does intuition when properly developed.  Therefore, being an intuitive, and listening to healing meditative music, vibrational healing videos, and such, meditation, affirmations, NLP is part of my faith.  I also understand that there has to be a balance between the spiritual, intellectual and the physical, that we make choices and those choices are what determines not only our lives,  joys etc… but so much more. Ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves and though we should help each other, be there for each other, we must focus on teaching to fish, and providing opportunities to fish, much more than always providing the fish.

These two impact who I am politically, and as an artist a pure Capitalist, Very Limited Government, Letter of the Constitution, States Sovereignty above all, Democratic Republic, focus on home first everyone else after, Independent at this stage of my life.  When you let people and communities locally think outside the box to solve problems you don’t get bureaucracy and stupid, or career politicians and you get a full honoring of Freedom of Religion, Speech and Assembly, as an artist, academic etc…, all of which is crucial and you get a truly objective press, when the politicians are not career politicians and all have a limit on their terms, no exceptions. Freedom doesn’t mean you do whatever you please to the detriment of others, no, or you are free to threaten etc…, no but it does mean that you can express truth in a way that calls out the stupidity of  those in charge of the nation without repercussions, including artists.

This is who I am and happy to be so.