Who Am I At the End of the Day?

Photo 2015-11-14 at 23.00

As I walk the streets on my way home and look at the sky, tinged with clouds and pearls of rain that are gently falling on my face I start to think about my music, by blog a number of things for some reason and I find myself asking a question.  I find my self asking myself “who am i?”  I did a podcast interview and when I was asked why I do what I do, the blog, the music all of that, I really didn’t have to think about it, my heart spirit and soul, spoke.  I do it because I want to be of service, I want to honor the gifts the Lord gave me.  I don’t do it for fame and to to be uber wealthy.  I don’t do it to prove anything to anyone, not even family, since I could care less what they think of me, what they think in general, sorry but that’s the truth.  I am realistic enough to know they will always go Left, and I will always go Right.  That will never change, so it is what it is.  Today I realized something.  It’s true that the fibromyalgia due to often crashing and different health stuff that has come up has impeded my being active in faith life on a day to day basis in terms of Mass and all that, and at home I do meditate and all that, which I do daly always with thanks and in Christ Consciousness, in gratitude for what he did for us.  If I were to define in a nutshell who I am at the core right before saying artist and minister/coach, it would be this:  A Child of God, A Woman of Faith, A Warrior for Christ.  That is not to say I have not had one or two crisis moments or lapses in terms of choices made, even the saints and apostles had their flaws.  However at the core, this is who I am, this is my identity, and everything I do stems from that and from a holistic biblical truth, which has shaped my firm worldview in terms of governance of nations for them to be Capitalist, Federalist, Constitutional, Democratic Republics, with clear separation of powers etc.., with very few exceptions, like war situation, something of that nature, or true obstructionism that is causing the nations’s important business to stagnate and is thus harmful to the nation.  Even then anything done has to adhere to the Constitution and Originalist interpretation of it as per the Federalist Republic.  Understanding my identity in Christ, in the faith is important because it provide the anchor, the roadmap and more.  I hope to adhere wisely to the roadmap and identity in all things and aspects of my life.  In the songs poems I wrote, in all my work, seeking to inspire, empower and awaken.