Who am I?  Am I the could’ve, should’ve moments in my life?  Am I simply a conservative, am Christian, a Noahide, Italian-American?  Am, I a songwriter, a poet, a coach?  Does any of this define my being, my entire life?  In a way they do, all the missed opportunities, etc…, and what I have achieved.  As is the human tendency, I find myself at times focused totally on the what-ifs, on the could’ve should’ve aspects and with the fibromyalgia, etc..seeing my life, finances nowhere near where I want, I have to admit I go through some rough and down times.  Like this poem says I am the songs I sing, the photos taken over the years, videos, my writing, people in my life, holidays with family etc…Do I have regrets?  Do I wish I had begun certain paths sooner etc..? Yes, and there are choices I made that violated God’s teachings and I am sorry for that, and will I ever fully forgive myself for wasting so much time and making foolish choices?  Probably not, but I have to forgive myself enough to move ahead no matter the could’ve and should’ve.