Who Do We Need?

Who do we need, besides our Creator, Yahweh of course?  Since we live in a physical world we need people, need each other, but what team of people do we need, should we have around us to thrive and succeed, realize our full potential, to guide us there?  I have thought about my life, dreams that were not realized etc.. and when I saw this list, I thought wow, even in my faith life, Christian spiritual life I was lacking a team.  Let’s look at the team.  

The cheerleader and the pusher are two important elements. The cheerleader sees your potential and encourages that, not false cheerleading.  A true cheerleader also needs to be honest about what you have potential in and encourage that, along with wise application of such potential.  The pusher is the one who when you want to give up or get complacent, scared, pushes you lovingly, but strongly along the path that you are meant to be on, realizing your full potential.  Sometimes the pusher can push too hard, so it’s important to find the right balance of pushing and knowing when to pull back.  Some personalities if you push one bit too much they will get so angry etc.. they walk away. We have to know when to push.  Growing up  I did not have great cheerleaders or pushers, mainly because those closest to me did not see my gifts as an artist, as a minister, or just didn’t give them value, so they really didn’t know how to be cheerleaders, pushers in that direction.  I believe that if I had had cheerleaders, pushers that really pushed me in my Metaphysical Christian and artistic path, combining those, I would be in a different place right now.  Luckily at this point in life I do have some really good cheerleaders and pushers.  That can make quite a difference.  I seek out critique of my works, and in doing so I am finding that I have that cheerleading and pushing that I need, even in some really true blue friends.  If you can connect to some really good cheerleaders and pushers, it’s a gift, cherish it.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen