Who I am, My Path

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As I look to where I was and the whole trajectory of my life and ask this question, one we should ask periodically, it doesn’t seem as daunting as it might once have.  Granted it has been a bit of a maze, but that’s okay.

Who I am is a good place to start.  Right off the bat, I am my mother’s daughter, which means feisty, passionate about what she cares about, who she cares about.  That’s the first thing to know.  After that I am a woman who when she connects to someone connects also on a psychic consciousness level and that is a double edged sword for me, as I can feel and sense what they are feeling, thinking, going through at any given time, not 24/7. but it can be intense for me.  That’s fine also, it’s a part of me, who I am.  I am also I guess maternal as kids and animals take to me fairly quickly.  The other day I was walking, just walking and suddenly I hear a little voice behind me say “hi” .  It was a child, maybe about 5 and she wanted me to see how she was walking, was all excited to show me and I said to her how she was a big girl and she smiled a big smile at me and it warmed my heart so much.  Then she and her sister, a bit older wanted to show me how they could run and said “okay, but watch out, and don’t go into the street”  The mother laughed at my automatic mom instinct.  Then there is the artist and motivator side of me that loves to create, to inspire, motivate all that jazz.  These are the main elements of who I am.  I may not be a cook, and the most domestic of women, but I am passionate about who I care for, wanting to look out for them, motivate them etc.. and passionate about what matters to me such as Israel, advocating for her, and also my Italian-American culture.  This is who I am.

My path comes out of these things that I am, the maternal side of wanting to guide, inspire etc.. others, the love of writing songs, poems, of music, of that, wanting to make that my life path along with standing up for what I believe in, using the arts in some way also for that.  I hope also I will have my side in this journey a special someone who is also an artist and that we will have opened up our hearts etc.. to each other fully soon and begun an amazing journey as a team.

Namate, Shalom and Amen