Who Says Virtual Friends Not Family?

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Recent events, threw me for such a loop, still can’t quite fathom what happened.  I am certain neither I or the third party involved did anything suspect etc…

It is funny how I still find myself going WTH? Not only that, but as I look at three or four friendships, three of them distinctly virtual with people I met via a FB group whom I have not yet met in person, and one with someone whom I met when they were working here in the USA before going going back home to Europe I am taken aback.  These virtual people who I share so much with and who share much with me, there is no sense of being territorial about stuff.  I have shared so much of my hopes, dreams, plans, pretty much everything with them, and they have done the same.  We are pretty much an open book with each other and even shared dreams, so we can help each other interpret them.  There was such an openness about our lives, feelings about what was going on in our lives, including the rough patches.   When one has a success the other is truly happy for them, never thinks in terms of territorial, or has a notion of being territorial.   It’s a beautiful thing and I can only imagine if I liked in Europe how close we would all be, how we would work as a team, lift each other to great heights with our gifts, talents.  It would be awesome, or if they were all here and the support we would give each other through thick and thin, through sunshine and rain would be invaluable.  Friendship and family is not limited or determined by physical space, but rather by what is shared mutually, how you treat each other mutually, and so much more.  I am very clear in not accepting any friend request from anyone unless they are mutual friends of a FB friend I know well.  These people I count as my friends and family, we have shared so much, share so much of ourselves, and though we are up front with each other about what we think etc… we are open of heart, spirit and soul with each other.  We are friends and family, there to encourage, inspire, to give tough love as necessary, all of that, and yes we are in each other’s business, but because we care and we trust, so we share what is going on and seek each other’s input, guidance etc.., a beautiful thing.  It’s what family does, what friends do, what they are about, and like I said if we were close by we would likely share great times together.  I am grateful for these wonderful people with whom I am an open book pretty much and who share themselves, their lives, hopes, dreams, frustrations with me.   We are there for each other and in each other’s business through thick and thin.