Who Would I Rather Stand With?

Who I Would Rather Stand WIth

We are in a world where it’s all about being PC, loved by the world, safe spaces etc…, don’t offend, don’t hurt feelings, accept everything under the sun and every lifestyle no matter what because you don’t want to be judgmental, it’s all about love, God is only about love, right?  Oy, what you all 6 and living in fantasy cotton candy land, everyone has to love and like me or I will fall apart and cry all night?  Seriously? First, get out of fantasy cotton candy land, fast.  Secondly, let’s take an honest look at what sin is, since we all do sin in life, me, you, we all do, sometimes big league, other times small potatoes.   Some of the biggies are murder, lust, that kind of thing and dishonoring your body, other people’s as well, having no regard for your own dignity or that of others, for your life, the life of others. Destroying the life and reputation of others, these are biggies and when does with malice and intent, when planned, to save your own ass, oy!  We often fall into the sheep following and ending up missing the mark of holiness, which in a nutshell can be found in two places in Corinthians where it talks about love is patient etc… and also the poem in Ecclesiastes about a time and place under heaven.  If we look at that, but also at how firmly those in the faith tradition of scripture and the history of for example the Catholic faith stood firm in the faith, even when it was not at all popular, we see that character, strength of character is not found in catering to the world and whims of the pleasures of the moment or fads or leanings of the world, a lack of any boundaries, as we see with the exposing of Weinstein and so much more that is coming up of all the junk that has gone on in our politics. Killing and all that stuff is not just about physical killing, you also commit murder when you kill the entrepreneurial spirit of a nation, destroy the economy of a nation, the Constitutional Republic, so you kill on many levels in life, not just physical.  You can lust not just for a person, but for power, for recognition, for acceptance to where you lose all sense of scruples.  Sin is missing the mark, what is the mark? Integrity of thought, deed and action, that includes how you govern nations, relationships.  We are not perfect, so we will at times miss the mark, but when in a a relationship, or in relationship to our own decisions for ourselves or governance, we constantly miss the mark, then you have a really big problem, now it’s not small potatoes sin, but a major enchilada, a holy moly, an ay caramba!  The reason this can often happen is again we are more worried about being accepted and judged by the world and not thinking about our relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, worried about being PC, winning votes, or being liked by students, by colleagues, being popular with everyone, we think that we are of integrity, substance and respect if we go the way of the crowd, the fad, can just be accepted, liked, loved and wanted by all, all the time.  My response to that, bull and grow  the hell up!

Most of my life, when I wasn’t missing the mark, and even then never giving up my faith’s core beliefs, as I truly do believe in them, I didn’t care if I was accepted or not, liked, or not, could care less, the hell with that.  I was going to stick with Biblical truth as I came to understand it, even when I fell, when I had my weak points, and I was not going to give a crap what the world thought, my friends thought, not my problem, they and even my family of liberals could go to hell.  It has been thus a life of exile in a way, since I don’t do PC and will tell is as I see it, no sugar coating, including what my strong intuition tells me it is often times.  It has not been easy in terms of friendships, especially in a world that doesn’t seem to accept, but rather disdains conservatism, or anything like that, even in faith, nor does it honor a true capitalist, constitutional, democratic, federalist republicanism.   I embrace all of that with vigor, with a firm YESSSSS, and also the right of Israel to exist, thrive etc…, not very popular even within my own family, my Zionism.  Again, I would rather be in agreement with Biblical Truth, with Historical Precedent, with Divine Truth, my own deep conscience than fads, than people, friends, family any of that.  It may mean a sort of exiled life, but that’s okay.  I am not saying it’s not a bit lonesome at times, but rather be me and not PC, than PC and out of line with Biblical Truth and the depth of my heart, spirit and soul. I will make music, I will blog, I will find ways to be a voice for Conservatism and for sacred boundaries, and a non PC, non snowflake society.