Why A Declaration and Bill?

Constitution is To Refrain Covt

The this is is just one of many such quotes one can find as well as quotes such as this one:

Declaration and PRecepts of Christ


Why did they feel this way? Think Law and Order, boundaries, foundations.  Think of relationships, families, even a business.  Can any of these truly operate without a firm solid foundation of principles of operation?  Can they do so in any healthy way? No, not really.  When the framers, founders created the system of government, they realized that they had to have a firm foundation of law and order, they turned biblical principles found in Exodus, Romans and other biblical writings, as well as the writings of John Locke Locke was extremely interested in the Bible, and he was engaged by biblical theology and religion throughout his life, though atheists will argue otherwise. 

Importance of the bible.

A blueprint is important in any journey, and for our founders, creators of this Republic, please can we get this straight not democracy, republic, they used biblical principles as their guide and prayed often, so when any politician or activist decides they are going to throw away the principles of the Republic, the core, the Constitution, Federalism, the Supremacy Clause, all these things, they are throwing away our very identity, our very heritage.  When anyone tries to wipe out Christianity from America, remove any trace of the founding fathers, they are removing the very identity of America.   The immigration debate, all of it with Conservatives, including Evangelicals on the one side and Progressives and such on the other, so called Social Justice Warriors in government in the Churches fail to acknowledge that the Bible places restraints and boundaries, which our framers were very well aware of, hence us being a Republic, not a Democracy, which gives greater restraint, or is supposed to to government, and also in a sense to the people, so they don’t get into a great dependency on government, so they have minimal dependency on government and most of the charity and all that is left to community and faith institutions. The founders, framers understood you had to have clear boundaries in government, within government, between government and the people, hence the Second Amendment as George Washington pointed out:

Second Amendment Rights

Does this mean we don’t have any laws at all? No, but the framers were aware that a government is made up of people and people can get power hungry, can start to see the populace as, the little people who know nothing and we need to control, and two ways to control is create lawlessness, including end all strong sense of faith and religion in the nation and second practically or actually destroy the 2nd Amendment.  If you an destroy the moral restraint on a society, and anything goes, and then take away the 2nd Amendment, you break down family, all things tradition and then take away arms, right o bear arms, you can then have a dictatorship, even one disguised as democracy.  Free will is a very important gift given to us, so the money, sex, the guns, the internet, none of that is the problem, it’s the flaws of human character that are the problem, and when you take away any all restraints nationally, personally, on all levels, when law and order internally or externally no longer matter, when borders no longer matter, moral, national ones of any kind, we no longer have a society that functions.  The founders, framers understood this, which is why when a lady told one of the framers how wonderful it was we had a Republic his response was “if you can keep it”.  He was skeptical that the Biblical and Christian principles, the Constitutional, Bill of Rights, Federalist Republic would withstand human corruption and judging from the level of sin and crap going on in the world, in our own nation, he wasn’t just whistling dixie as they say.  I hope and pray we can learn about those principles, about law and order, even natural moral law and get out nation, our world back on track, destroy all socialism, all those crappy isms.   This I hope and pray.